Re-process and Re-use of Old T-shirts into a Plant Hanger

Everyone has those old t-shirts which they don’t wear. According to, Those t-shirts are even left lying around in the house or the garage. What if I told you that those t-shirts could be salvaged and used in making your plant hanger by cutting them into custom t-shirts? That plant hanger made can be used to display your plants both indoors and outdoors, where they can still grow under natural means. The plant hanger can also be used to craft a groovy décor and can also be given as a gift to others. This project arises because it always reaches that time of the year when one usually feels that he or she needs to tend to her garden.

For one to come up with such a project, some essential resources and labor are required. By identifying them, one can purchase them adequately and prepare themselves to begin. Once you have them, you are ready.

Materials needed

Some old t-shirts

A pen.

A ruler.

A pair of scissors.

Metal pots are ceramic and small.

Small plants to be planted in pots.

Procedure to Use

Firstly, grab your old t-shirt and fold it lengthwise, end-to-end.

Next, by using a ruler and a pen, make markings just below the sleeves and cut them off since they won’t be required. This procedure makes them into custom t-shirts as you cut them the way you want.

While keeping your t-shirt folded, cut eight equal strips on the sides, and once they are measured, cut them off completely.

After cutting the strips, the t-shirt should be unfolded, and a stitched piece of each side should be made. Eight of them should be reduced.

All the strips should be knot together at one end to create the base of the hanger where the pot of the plant will be placed.

The strips should be split into four pairs. A knot should be made near the top of each of the braces. One should take care of each of the knots to make sure that they are hanging on the same level.

The knotted pairs should be spread out on a table. One strip from one of the braces and another strip from another pair should be knot together. It should be a little lower from the second knot.

It should be done until they are all knotted, and the last knot should be brought to the front.

The process should be repeated seven to eight times until all the knots converge together to make one big knot at the bottom. The knot should be tied together and this creates the base for holding the pot.

The plant hanger is completed. One can carefully place a pot having the plant onto the plant hanger. The plant hanger can be placed indoors for decoration and outdoors, where one can tend to them and nature them until they grow to full maturity.