Helpful Tips to Get the Best T-shirt Picture Results

Helpful Tips to Get the Best T-shirt Picture Results

One of the biggest challenges of starting an online clothing business is to present the shirts you are selling in the most enticing way possible. The Compared other photograph subjects, taking images of custom t-shirts may not entirely be that simple. There are quite a handful of preparations needed to ensure that your garments will become appealing and saleable.

On top of the product presentation, the camera techniques, and settings you apply also play a vital role in the images’ results. However, you should not wind up with an expensive and complicated pro set up to get the best photos despite these apparent challenges. You can follow these helpful guidelines and tips to get the perfect shots of your custom t-shirts.

Top 5 Tips to Consider When Photographing Shirts

  • Iron or Steam the Shirts

This may seem like a clearly simple task, trust me, it helps a lot. It makes the garments you are selling look more presentable on the frame. Customers don’t get enticed with wrinkled clothing. No matter how great your photo’s technical aspects, if the products do not look that nice, it’ll never be saleable.

  • Consider Using a Hangers or Mannequins

Hiring a model to endorse your products is ideal because customers will see how your shirts would look when worn. However, it may add up to your cost.

If you think you cannot afford a model to wear your products upon photoshoots, hanger and mannequin is your best alternative. Using hangers may be a bit challenging since you don’t have that much option aside from flat lay images.

  • Prioritize your Lighting

You know how it works with cameras. If you do not have enough light within the area, the photo will not end up as good as you want to. To ensure that all aspects and quality or your clothing are captured, invest in lighting equipment, or find an artistic place with enough light exposure.

  • Explore the Art of Camera Settings

This is where the technical stuff kicks in. It’s always recommended to shoot your images in manual mode. That way, when you need to adjust some components of your photo, you can easily do it.

Also, if your camera gives you an option to shoot images in raw format, use that instead of going for jpeg. Raw images naturally reduce shadows and adjust highlights for better outcomes.

You may also consider editing applications like photoshop. It really helps in beautifying the original images.

  • Capture What you Want to Sell

That is quite a riddle, isn’t it? It means that you must be able to capture the selling points of the clothing you want to sell to your customers.

Focus on the appealing part of the product and bring that out on the images. That way, your customers would actually be interested in what you are selling.

Final Words

To sum it up, you have to also think outside of the box for ideas on how to make your shirt photographs look fascinating. Incorporate those plans with these steps and, you’ll have guaranteed superb results.

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