Why Vapes Are Considered Fashion Accessories

Why Vapes Are Considered Fashion Accessories

Smoking eliquid has already been perceived as the rich’s habit, thanks to the depictions of desirable and seductive women and men who light their cigarettes up in movies. Nowadays, people no longer see cigarette smoking as a necessity; it has become a luxury.

Electronic cigarettes or vapes made many people ditch and replaced the old cigars with the modern vaping device.┬áDuring the past few years, companies that manufacture and sell these devices are already focusing on their product’s appearance.

It does not sound ridiculous because they are aware of how their customers value the external appearance of their vaping device. Aside from its outward appearance, here are several reasons this electronic cigarette is now considered a fashion accessory.

It is modern.

Millennials have always been into electronic gadgets. Nowadays, most young people are always seen next to a tablet, smartphone, or other devices. There has been a common assumption that the techier an individual is, the more fashionable and modern they are.

Well, one of these desirable and modern accessories is the e-cigarette or vaping device. When a young adult is seen inhaling its e-liquid and puffing the smoke that comes out of their lips, they are automatically considered “cool.”

Even people over 30 or 40 years old have already switched from using traditional cigarettes to a fashionable vaping device.

Vaping devices can be a fashion statement.

The latest vape devices have attractive colors and shapes. This is a perfect opportunity for fashion enthusiasts to match these vaping devices with their outfits. For example, by wearing an elegant dress, you can bring your vape pen or vape pod.

However, suppose you’re sporty, and you’re currently wearing your sports outfit. In that case, you may bring your vibrantly colored box mod or vaping pen.

People who are fond of vaping have multiple vaping devices. They collect these like pieces of jewelry and clothes. Therefore, when they have an outfit to match, they can quickly grab its corresponding vape color.

The most attractive vape devices are flaunted during vaping competitions.

Every time a person vapes, they exhale smoke, and they can exhale it artistically. Surprisingly, vaping can also enhance a person’s creative skills.

This is why vaping competitions became a thing. Vape enthusiasts gather at a park, in a conference room, in malls, or anywhere to set up this exciting game.

They gather to witness who is the most creative and most talented in forming their smokes. Smokers can mold the vapor they release into various shapes. Sometimes, vapers also want to see who can make the most prominent cloud.

The vaping culture

The vaping community has never diminished despite the health threats and disciplinary actions of their guardians. Well, as long as it is done in moderation, it will not impact your health as severely as you might have expected.

Since its appearance, vaping became the “safer alternative to traditional smoking” and has become known worldwide.

Construction workers and lawyers have been brought together and have shared meaningful conversations because of vaping gatherings. During these gatherings, people adopt a relaxed, laid-back attitude as they slowly reinforce the e-cigarette culture.


We should not be surprised when the time comes that the determinant of a person’s social status is already how their vape looks. Vape has now become a fashion trend as everyone who smokes using vapes looks attractive and cool.

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