6 Effective Tips for Picking a Good Massage Chair

6 Effective Tips for Picking a Good Massage Chair

People purchase massage chairs for two primary reasons: to reduce back pain or to rest and relax after a hard day at work. Massage chairs are a great investment as suggested by experts for overall-well being.

However, it can be daunting to pick the right massage chair for your needs because of the numerous models available on the market. Different people may have different reviews about a specific massage chair.

Below are some tips you can use when searching for the right massage chair:

  • Level of Comfort

Sit down and feel the chair for yourself because some chairs may fit your body shape better than other chairs. Make sure you are not awkward and uncomfortable the moment you sit on the chair.

  • Power of the Massage

The strength of the massage depends on your preference. If you’re looking for a vigorous massage, search for one that has strong movements and more protruded pieces. However, if you’re searching for a less powerful massage chair, look for a point-specific type with smaller nodes and rollers and gentler movements.

  • Massage Chair Adjustability and Settings

Don’t rush in purchasing a massage chair for the sake of buying one. Instead, take your time and experiment with the adjustability and settings of the chair. Some may have preset programs that address back problems while others may offer more variability. A chair that has more adjustability is ideal what you need is a chair that will serve multiple users.

  • Convenient Features

Some massage chairs come with an extendable ottoman, a leg rest you can adjust for more convenience or comfort. People with back problems may be comfortable with an extended position. For example, an individual with a slipped disc may prefer a more reclined position with leg elevation to reduce pain.

Also, note that many chairs have leg rests with massage capabilities. Therefore, be sure to look for extra features based on your needs.

  • Chair Aesthetics

Massage chairs differ in shape, size, and look. Some are designed with polished wood and leather, plastic and synthetic leather, or a combination of other materials and fabrics. Although this should not be a priority when making your decision, aesthetics is still a factor to consider.

  • Price of the Massage Chair

Massage chairs can be expensive and a great investment. So, it is important to consider your budget before making any buying decision. Massage chairs don’t have fixed prices. Instead, their prices generally range from $1500 to $6500.

Note that valued-price massage chairs (below $1500) usually have old technology and lesser features; intermediate-range chairs ($1500 to $6500) have more features; while high-end chairs ($6,500 and up) have a lot of extras and features.

Of course, you expect that an expensive type will have better quality. However, this may not always be true. Recently, models with good quality at a lesser cost are emerging in the marketplace.


Apply the tips mentioned to guide you in your search for a massage chair. Know your budget and the features you like in a chair. List your options on a piece of paper and weigh the pros and cons according to your budget and needs. Then, decide which best fits your preference.

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