Everyday Messenger V2 (13-inches) by Peak Design

Everyday Messenger V2 (13-inches) by Peak Design

The Everyday Messenger V2 by Peak Design is a lightweight, sleek, and comfortable camera bag that comes with several smart features. This bag has been a favorite of so many photographers because of its practicality and sleek look. This camera bag offers enough space to accommodate your bulky camera gears without overstuffing.


  • Design: Messenger/Shoulder Bag
  • Maximum External Dimensions: 410mm×170mm×300mm
  • Maximum Internal Dimension: 350×130×260mm
  • Avg Weight: 1,210g
  • Laptop Size: 13 inches
  • Accessories: Key tether, cord hook straps

The Advantages:

  • This bag conveniently offers a generous storage capacity.
  • The inside of the bag allows you to fit and organize your gears easily.
  • It comes with cubby holes and pockets for storing smaller items such as batteries or your phone.
  • It is durable and comfortable to wear.

The Disadvantages:

  • The bag doesn’t come with a zipper, so the only way to close it is through the lid.
  • If you put small items in the main compartment, they will rattle around.

The Everyday Messenger camera bag by Peak Design is crafted to provide convenient gears storage with utmost safety. Hence, many professional and aspiring photographers choose to invest in one.

Furthermore, the Peak Design 13-inch Everyday Messenger Bag costs $153.97 on Amazon.

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