Canon EOS R5 Overheats at 8K and 4k Shootings

Canon EOS R5 Overheats at 8K and 4k Shootings

The Canon EOS R5 is reported to have overheating problems whenever used for 8K and 4K shooting. According to Canon, the overheating issue indicates recording limits on 8K as well as 4K video recording.

Canon was very transparent regarding the overheating issue on 8K and 4K video. They are also aware that the EOS R5 records about 20 minutes’ worth of 8k footage before it shuts off.

Most consumers are quite shocked about the recording limits imposed by overheating since they expect the camera would not heat up for recording only 4K, 120fps video.

Canon has briefed CVP professional video camera specialists about the recording limits imposed by overheating. This issue was thoroughly explained in the CVP’s informative breakdown of the R5’s specifications. Additionally, Canon has also followed up by giving more in-depth information to Jake Ratcliffe, CVP’s tech advisor.

This information needs to be known by the public before the camera is released. This is better for consumers to know about the recording limits indicated by overheating to prevent any shock. Furthermore, Canon’s transparency about this matter says a lot about their integrity and fairness.

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